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Puri Laser Company

  The Shanghai Puri Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of carbon dioxide laser tube and laser power supply, located in located in Shanghai Pudong New District. Combining the support of Shanghai laser instrument Institute, and Shanghai Aoshi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. of years of research and development and production experience, we has over 10 years of experience in laser tube. The present Puri Laser can produce 25W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 130W, 160W, 200W, 300W CO2 laser tube, at the same time to produce the perfect 25W ~ 300W laser power
    Puri Laser tube is using a special process, from the laser tube firing patch inflatable process of scientific and comprehensive quality control methods which enables Puri laser tube have power spot.......

Laser Tube/Power Product

CO2激光管 Puri Small Laser Tube: 25W-50W
  Shanghai Puri CO2 laser tube, 25W-50W, is mainly applicable in laser stamping, delicate engraving, parts of laser medical device, etc Puri laser tube with small power is excellent in ...
二氧化碳激光管 Puri Small&Medium Laser Tube:60W-100W
The Shanghai Puri 60W-100W small & medium power CO2 laser tube mainly used for laser engraving and cutting, applies to the vast majority of domestic...
CO2激光器 Puri Small&Medium Laser Tube:120W-160W
  The Shanghai Puri 120W-160W small&medium power CO2 laser tube mainly used for laser engraving and cutting, applies to the vast majority of domestic the .. 
二氧化碳激光器 Puri Medium Laser Tube: 300W
  Shanghai Puri CO2 laser tube, above 300W, is mainly applicable in die cutter, thick plexiglass, sheet steel, etc., as well as some domestic laser cutting machine..
laser power Puri CO2 Laser Power: 40W~160W
Shanghai Puri 2nd generation CO2 laser power of high-quality can be compatible with most of the CO2 laser tube. At Present,it can support 25W~300W different ... 

Laser Tube Contact

HQ Room 2212-2216, 22nd Floor, No. 58,
Add: Jinxin Road, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel: 021-50318411 50318412
    50318413 50318414
Fax: 021-50318418   50318428

Factory Add: Heqin town, Pudong, Shanghai,China
Tel: 021-50429732 50429765 50429827
Fax: 021-55220967    



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