2013 Goldensign International awards ceremony concluded

    2013 harvest this year, there is joy there is sweat, Haiou Desai gone through an extraordinary year, December 31, 2013 to get rid of the good old days, was held in 2013 Haiou Desai annual summary meeting all employees have attended the conference as well as the departments of the company leadership.
    Summarize the contents of the General Assembly include department heads and staff speak commendation, department head of the department in 2013 to make a summary of the 2014 plan, in recognition of those who would behave in different positions outstanding staff, in recognition of the company for their most good sure they harvest is not only prizes, but also joy, because they always believe every effort will be demonstrated. After recognition by the company to make year-end summary and Zhang 2014 the company's development plan, new product development and promotion, market strategy for the company pointed out a clear guiding principles, a firm of the future development of the road company.

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